Using Python and microservices to fuel WebPush at Mozilla

Mansimar Kaur (~mansimarkaur)




In this talk, I’ll be talking about how WebPush works, what are the key components involved and their roles in depth. Following this, I will be explaining how to build a webpush microservice written in Python for your application server.

Following is the break up of my talk:

What is Web Push?

  • A brief about what the webpush technology is and how it works.
  • What are service workers and their role in webpush.
  • What are push servers and their role in webpush.
  • How to subscribe to push notifications

How to build a webpush microservice using Python?

  • What are the various components?
  • How to handle authentication for requests?
  • What are channels and how to implement them?
  • How to implement subscription to a channel?
  • How to implement publishing to a channel?


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Speaker Info:

Mansimar was a software developer intern at Mozilla and as part of her internship, developed a PubSub channels based push microservice. She has spoken at FOSDEM 2017 and EuroPython 2017 about the webpush technology and has written a series of articles) about her work and webpush technology. She has worked on Brew as part of her Google Summer of Code with Homebrew. Previously, she worked on HackerRank's autocompletion service as an intern. Being an ardent open source enthusiast, she has contributed to Kinto - a minimalist JSON storage service, Brackets - a code editor by Adobe and also has a string of self-projects that she's proudly maintaining.

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Europython 2017

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