Top 10 tips, code snippets, patterns, and techniques from Two Scoops of Django

Vivek Sridhar (~vivek861)




Two Scoops of Django is a book series written by Daniel & Audrey. This book introduces Django developer with various tips, tricks patterns, code snippets & techniques. I have been reading these books, and each has valuable advice for people working with Django in production.

Just to highlight some of the key insights from this book:

  • Deployment - Platform as a Service, development with Docker
  • Settings and requirement files
  • Coding style
  • Model best practices
  • Continuous Integrations
  • Security best practices

and more

The talk will cover top 10 learnings from the book and from my perspective with examples.

The aim of this talk is the bring out best practices for people working with Django in production.


Python & basics of Django web framework.

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Speaker Info:

Vivek is a tech enthusiast with over 11 years experience in the Software Industry. He is currently working as a Developer Advocate with DigitalOcean and has been a Technology Advisor to several tech startups. Previously he was Head of DevOps & QA at Blackbuck and was a DevOps Solution Architect at HCL (Australia) in client engagement and pre-sales roles. Vivek started his career with IBM Rational (INDIA Software Labs) and is passionate about working with software developer communities.

Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Gourav Chawla (~Gouravchawla)

I have updated the proposal link with - Link to my session!

Vivek Sridhar (~vivek861)

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