THE Data Structure of our Real-time World : Queues

Mayank Badola (~mbad0la)




Remember your college lectures on Queues? How insignificant they seemed!

But this "simple" data structure is the facilitator of modern software applications/services. In an effort to appreciate this data structure, let's celebrate queues and understand how they impact us software engineers each day at work.

Probable agenda is as follows :

  • Denial of Service
    • Taking a crude example of a hypothetical monolithic app, we will discuss about how requests get dropped and the impact of such scenarios
    • What can be some of the mitigation steps
    • This is to give a brief idea about the need for scaling apps
  • Introduction to Queues
    • What we know queues to be (as a data structure)
    • What we need to start thinking of queues to be (as an abstract concept)
    • Buffers and their purpose
    • Tying queues and buffers together
  • How queues help in improving softwares/services
    • How they fit in
    • Understanding how significant throughput is achieved
  • Queues in action
    • NodeJS's use of queues
    • Apache Storm's use of queues
    • LinkedIn's use of queues
  • Hands-on: Celery (if time permits)
    • A simple job scheduler


  • Python (beginner proficiency)

Speaker Info:

Mayank graduated from NSIT, Delhi in June and is currently working at Expedia, Gurgaon in the Air Platform Team

As a fresh graduate, allow him to lend a fresh perspective to how new engineers perceive real-time infrastructure and process the fact that they should have paid more attention to college!

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Section: Infrastructure
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Liked how the speaker uses humour to explain a very elegant concept.

Suryansh Tibarewal (~suryansh)

Interesting way to present ideas.


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