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Backstage is a new web framework written for creating great REST based applications. We wanted to create a web framework that has the ability to combine results from various endpoints/jobs and present/modify them as one. It is aimed at being dynamic and extensible so that multiple events can be synchronised and extended.

Backstage takes an XML which describes in detail how the services are supposed to work.

This talk will cover

  • How Backstage works internally
  • Examples


  • Knowledge of Python
  • Basics of REST

Content URLs:

Backstage Link: Github/Backstage

Examples Link: Github/Examples

Speaker Info:

I am part of a startup that is designing and developing an API Manager called the Alpana API Manager. We have developed this framework in order to build the next generation Enterprise Software Solutions in Python.

Speaker Links:


Reetesh Ranjan: [1]:

Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hi, It would be nice if you add your slides before 10 Sept. It will help our team to review your proposal. Thanks

Rajat Saini (~rajataaron)

Hi Rajat, We are planning to walk through the documentation and then show them the workflow how it works through examples. We already have documentation on the github link. Is it necessary to have sildes ?



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