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RGSoC, Rails Girls Summer of Code is a program aimed towards increasing the participation of women in open source communities. The program offers a paid internship to teams of students to work on their chosen open source project. Python projects have been a part of the program since last year.

With this panel talk, we aim to present and talk about the program, python projects and an experience of the women who interned there.

The talk will contain 4 major parts:

1. Program Descriptions:

This portion of the talk would cover program details, the motivations behind it and their importance. This portion would be covered by Vaishali Thakkar.

2. Project Descriptions:

We would be covering 2 Python projects: Coala and VOC. We would talk about the project, their description and what the interns accomplished in their program. The portion about Project Coala would be covered by Ipshita Chatterjee and Prachi Manchanda and about VOC would be covered by Srishti Sengupta and Soumya Sharma.

3. Experience of interns:

The interns would discuss about how the community helped them and what their experience has been as an intern there.

4. Increasing python projects in RGSoC:

Finally, we will open the discussion on how can we increase the participation of more python projects in the program.



Content URLs:

RGSoC Website

Project Coala

Project VOC

Draft of the Slides

Note: As we are still wrapping up the program, I don't have complete slides. Instead I've rough draft of the slides. Feel free to contact me in case of any confusion.

Speaker Info:

1. Vaishali Thakkar:

Vaishali Thakkar is associated as a co-organizer with RGSoC and works as a Linux Kernel engineer at Oracle. Her area of interest includes system programming, embedded systems, security and open education.

2. Srishti Sengupta:

Srishti currently works as a technical analyst in Axtria. She was an RGSoC intern in summer 2016 and is also a recipient of Google’s Women Techmakers Scholarship. Her areas of interest include system and network security, cryptography, distributed systems and parallel programming.

3. Soumya Sharma:

Soumya Sharma is a CSE graduate from IIIT-Delhi and is currently working as a SDE in Myntra. She interned with RGSoC in summer 2016 in VOC project. She is a Women Techmakers Scholar, organized by Google. She is also a finalist of Google Code Jam for Women’16. Her research interests include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Parallel Programming.

4. Ipshita Chatterjee:

Ipshita is a senior undergraduate majoring in Computer Engineering from NSIT.. She is an RGSoC intern in summer 2017 for coala. She was awarded the ‘Best Girl Coder in Delhi Region’ award by IBM. One of her publications was adjudged amongst the top 7 papers worldwide in the 5th International IEEE Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets Conference.

5. Prachi Manchanda:

Prachi is a senior at NSIT and has been involved in several open source programs, as an RGSoC intern in 2017 with coala and as a GSoC mentor for Systers. As a Google WTM Scholar,she has presented her work in open source communities and meetups.

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