Reversible Circuit Testing Using Python3

Joinal Ahmed Borbhuiya (~joinalahmed)




The creation of reversible computing is come from low-power dissipation and lossless information. The reversible logic is a rapidly growing research area for its high speed computing abilities. Therefore,the reversible circuits are seen as a future alternative to conventional circuit technologies with certain low-power applications. Moreover, the applications with newer technologies such as quantum computing, optical computing, Quantum Cellular Automata (QCA), trapped-ion technology, etc. are rapidly progressing in the current scenario and the reversible logic concept is widely used in these technologies. Motivated by these, synthesis design, verification and testing of these circuits are playing important roles of reversible circuit. In this work, we concentrate only the testing of these circuits which leads to the high accuracy of their reversibility operation. The main aim of this talk is to present a new tool RCQdit for generating the test patterns for detecting the various faults in the reversible circuit. In addition, the proposed tool is also supports the reverse simulation, smart simulation, etc., which makes the tool is more reliable and flexible for the user. In the present literature, there are several tools which are already established for testing the different faults and generating the test patterns in the reversible circuit, but not all of them are opened for public domain or user prospective.

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The Talk Will Cover the following topics :-

  1. What is Reversible Circuit?

  2. Why Reversible Circuit?

  3. Testing Reversible Circuit
  4. Issues in Testing
  5. How Python Scripts Makes Testing Easier
  6. RCQDit : A Tool to carry out Testing.

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I'm a Engineering Grad, in Information technology, i've been working with python from last few years. Have Contributed to Mozilla as a Ambassador earlier, was involved in Bengali Localization. Associated with Python Express as a tutor

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Hi Joinal can you please upload the slides for the talk so our team can review your proposal.

Pradhvan Bisht (~cyber_freak)

@cyber_freak, please see the contents of the talk.

Joinal Ahmed Borbhuiya (~joinalahmed)

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