Python for Data Analysis

Sasidhar Donaparthi (~sasidhar)




Typically it takes 60 to 80% of the time to collect required data, cleanse it and analyse in any data science project. It is very essential for one to be familiar with various tools/libraries available in python for doing data analysis and understanding the data. This hands on workshop's objective is to provide overview of the libraries and how to use them for various activities performed during the data analysis

Following will be covered as part of this session

  • How does data analysis fit in the life cycle of data science project
  • Dealing with numpy arrays
  • Reading data using various formats, dealing with missing values
  • Using pandas plot features to visualize and understand the data
  • Analyzing one of the open source data set

By the end of the session, audience will have very good understanding of how to apply numpy, pandas to analyze, understand and prepare data set required for starting machine learning


Hands on exposure with basic python programming language

Software requirements:

Please install Anaconda ( with Python 3.6

Download the git hub repo -, we would be using jupyter notebooks for this workshop

Content URLs:

Speaker Info:

I am a mechanical engineering graduate with 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and financial services domains, I have started my career as design engineer in hydraulic turbine manufacturing company. After spending 5 years, I have stated my IT journey at Aspect Development/i2 Technology. I have worked primarily on data scrubbing, modelling, analysis and data migration projects for supply chain management. I then joined technology services side of Fidelity, financial services company. I have been using python for last 5 years for automation, data analysis, web development, etc. I am very excited about the endless opportunities that arise in day today work and application of python for solving/automating the same. I am very passionate about teaching python to engineering students thru pythonexpress program. I conduct regular training sessions for data analys ( numpy, pandas and matplotlib).

Speaker Links:

github link -

linkedin profile -

twitter handle - @sdonapar

Section: Data Analysis and Visualization
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hi, It would be nice if you add your slides too. It will help our team to review your proposal. Thanks

Rajat Saini (~rajataaron)

I have done this workshop at BangPypers a week back and I have created a new repo with improved version of the material

Sasidhar Donaparthi (~sasidhar)

I have done this workshop at BangPypers a week back and I have created a new repo with improved version of the material

Sasidhar Donaparthi (~sasidhar)

Here is the link

Sasidhar Donaparthi (~sasidhar)

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