Programming your personal voice assistant using Amazon Alexa and Python

Rahul Srivastava (~rahul73)




Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to a machine and it replies back. Even better, what if we could program the machine to perform a task based on our voice command. This might feel like the environment of the future but the future is here with Alexa.

The speech recognition and natural language processing technology which acts as the brain of Alexa was made available to developers under the name Amazon Lex. With the help of Lex we can write python scripts to perform a number of tasks and ask Alexa to execute it on voice command.

With the help of Amazon Lex we will be creating an app which will handle our AWS account operations on voice commands. The features include:

  • Spinning up a new server.
  • Stop a server
  • List all active servers in your AWS account.

Following aspects will be covered:

  • Brief description of Alexa.
  • Using python to code the app.
  • Register the app on Alexa Dashboard
  • Publish the code to production and release the app.


  • python
  • introductory knowledge about Amazon AWS services (not necessary)
  • Git

Speaker Info:

My Name is Rahul Srivastava and i have done my masters from IIIT Hyderabad. I have been coding in python from past 3 years. Currently i am working at Craftsvilla which is your one stop destination for ethnic clothing. I have been working as a python Backend Developer at Craftsvilla for a liittle more than an year now. And in my span of 1 year i have developed multiple APIs serving the android and iOS apps of Craftsvilla in Django as well as Flask Framework. I started learning about python when i was doing my Bachelors and was attracted to it due to its simple syntax and vast availability of libraries to perform various tasks.

I came to know about Alexa from a friend of mine about 6 months ago. It fascinated me as i always wanted to build something similar to JARVIS. So i started learning about it and published a couple of apps for the Alexa community. Since then i have been actively working on Alexa to create apps as a hobby.

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