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There are several stereotypical engineering “Buckets” (CS Degree devs, bootcamp devs, software dev, Sr. software dev) and common side-hustles (consulting, freelance, meetups, confs, and building your own projects)! But how do you keep your career momentum and ambition in mind when there are “distractions”. We will talk about cross-functional skills, transitioning fields and industries, and your “brand” crafted with side commitments and outlier activities. You will leave with an understanding of your unique path through technology and other paths available to you.

The exposure of these paths is crucial and we don’t talk about the types of fields and jobs there are enough.

I firmly believe there should many more peripheral “technology” paths than simply becoming a software engineer, and those paths are much less known. Many people don’t know what I do as a product manager, and I want to change that because there many people that can do a soft transition to a role like project management in a technology company, then a soft transition to product management, and finally to developer relations or software development INSTEAD OF a hard transition from previous career to software development.

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Hi can you please upload the slides for the talk so that your proposal can be reviewed.

Pradhvan Bisht (~cyber_freak)

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