Neo4j and Python - Introduction to Graph databases

aradhya mathur (~aradhyamathur)




The talk deals with the incoming of graph databases as a better platform for modelling real world relationships in databases. Providing developers the flexibility, scale and speed to model complex relationships and save them as graphs.


The advent of social networks has posed tremendous challenges to the database designers. How to model complex relationships with multiple entities structured together is a tough question to answer. Traditional databases are too schema dependent or totally unstructured for maintaining such manifold relationships. Thus, graph databases come to rescue.


This talk shall provide an insight into how users can use graph databases to model their own social networks with ease.


Neo4j is a free and open source graph databases that comes with useful visualization tools.


  • Knowledge of Python
  • Beginner knowledge of MVC frameworks

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I am Aradhya Neeraj Mathur, a machine learning enthusiast who works closely with backend who loves to code. Prefers to work on diverse projects and build skills.

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Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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