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Sandeep Mahapatra (~sandeep42)




Networks are critical to the modern society. Several data analysis techniques in the modern day involve the use of networks for their effective operation, the well renowned social network analysis being one of them. With such advances and the increased importance of networks, there is a need for proper ways to visualize the computed networks as well as share it and share the results of the analysis of the network with other collaborators.

GraphSpace is a web based platform that enables users to upload, share and interact with their graphs. The platform is widely used and preferred by research groups to collaborate and work on their networks. GraphSpace allows users to easily upload richly-annotated networks irrespective of the algorithms or software used to generate them. It facilitates users to create and manage groups in order to work collaboratively on networks and also has the feature of making networks public which can be explored by other users. GraphSpace provides the users with advanced search options like search by tags, node or edge names.

The workshop will start with an introduction to GraphSpace web-platform and familiarize attendees with its main features like uploading and working on networks. Then we will use the NetworkX package and the graphspace_python package to demonstrate the ease with which a researcher can upload networks to GraphSpace programmatically. We will also showcase how to convert your offline boring NetworkX networks into online interactive graphs with visually appealing features. At the end of the workshop, attendees will learn how to integrate GraphSpace into their network analysis projects using the graphspace_python library and use it for seamless collaboration and dissemination of their results.

What this workshop covers:

  1. Using GraphSpace as a collaborative tool and a cloud store for networks
    • Uploading and visualizing networks
    • Working on graph layouts
    • Sharing graphs with groups
    • Publishing graphs
  2. Introduction to NetworkX and graphspace_python package
  3. Using graphspace_python package
    • Creating and uploading graphs
      • Laying out nodes and edges programmatically
      • Specifying weights on edges
      • Adding style to the networks
    • Working with graph layouts
      • Specifying node positions
      • Styling graph elements
    • Managing groups and sharing graphs
      • Creating groups
      • Adding/Removing group members
      • Sharing graphs with groups
      • Publishing graphs for public viewing
  4. Demonstrating a use case
    • A small tutorial on a real world dataset.


Basic familiarity with Graphs

Speaker Info:

I (Sandeep Mahapatra) am a fourth year Computer Science undergrad student at College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. I am working on the graphspace_python library as a student in Google Summer of Code 2017. I am enthusiastic about open source development.

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Section: Data Analysis and Visualization
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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