Mathematics demystified using SymPy

Aman Mahajan (~amanmj)




SymPy is a ComputerAlgebra System (CAS) written in the Python language. It can be used to solve various aspects of symbolic mathematics. It provides computer algebra capabilities either as a standalone application, as a library to other applications, or live on the web as SymPy Live or SymPy Gamma. The ease of access combined with a simple and extensible code base make SymPy a computer algebra system with a relatively low barrier to entry.

SymPy includes features ranging from basic symbolic arithmetic to calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics and quantum physics. It is capable of formatting the result of the computations as LaTeX code.

SymPy was started in August 2006 by Ondrej Certik. Since then, a toy like project grew considerably and many people contributed to it.Since 2007 SymPy participates in Google Summer of Code.

Scipy another scientific computing library is using Sympy along with other core modules like pandas,numpy etc.

I will be covering the following aspects :

  • What is SymPy all about?
  • List of all the features it offers
  • Explanation of majority of above
  • Diving into internal code
  • Live Demo
  • Future Use Cases
  • Summary
  • QA


  1. Basic syntax of python 2.7
  2. Git
  3. Algebra/Calculus (basic) (in order to verify the results)

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I have recently started working as an assoc. Software Development Engineer at Expedia , Gurgaon office after I graduated this year from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree. I have been building almost all my projects in python during my college which escalated my inclination towards python. Apart from these I am too lazy because of which I really like to write scripts that automate my work :p . 2 of such scripts you may check out Codeforces Backup and Deleting All Tweets . I have started to explore sympy since a month and I find it really interesting with some great use cases that can be used in the future which is why I want to present this in my talk at pyCon 2017.

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Section: Standard library
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Target Audience: Beginner
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Interesting. Will be looking forward to attend.

Sandeep Nagar (~sandeep2)

Interesting stuff, seems cool

Rishab Gupta (~rishab01)

Hi can you please upload the slides for the talk so that your proposal can be reviewed.

Pradhvan Bisht (~cyber_freak)

@cyber_freak I have added the basic slides which contain the overall content. I will be adding the details soon and more slides too!

Aman Mahajan (~amanmj)

Try to add the final slides before the CFP ends so that your proposal can be reviewed effectively.

Pradhvan Bisht (~cyber_freak)

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