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The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive set of rules that attempt to protect an individual's privacy and give them control over information about themselves. GDPR affects "Data Controllers" and "Processors" based in the EU and those outside the EU that collect or process information on "Data Subjects" who are EU residents. The EU will begin enforcing the GDPR in May 2018 and the regulation has teeth: it sets a top fine of up to €20 million or 4% of prior turnover, whichever is greater, per incident.

Though the GDPR goes beyond just the app or the technology in laying out acceptable practices for organizations, retrofitting existing apps to be compliant will be time-consuming and costly. Meanwhile the threat of an expensive adverse ruling hangs overhead like a sword.

This talk aims to familiarize developers with some of the base GDPR concepts and show practical steps that can be built into apps to make them compliant. There will be a sample demo app and code examples based on Django, but the solutions could be applied using other frameworks as well.


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Sushil Kambampati has over 20 years of technology experience. Sushil was a principal contributor at HBO Inc. to distributing video on emerging, non-linear and non- broadcast screens. He led the launch and technology management of HBO Nordic.

Sushil is the founder of, an intelligent platform for dissemination government information. lets anyone suggest right-to-information queries simply, safely and if the query is in the public interest, at no cost. YouRTI follows up and posts any responses it receives for everyone to access. The platform automatically extracts text from responses, translates regional languages to English and makes the document searchable. YouRTI will eventually aggregate all government data globally, using NLP, ML and automated translation to make information from anywhere available to anyone.

Sushil holds dual degrees in Electrical Engineering and International Business. His Masters thesis was in human computer interaction and involved the use of neural networks.

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Sushil and has written about online privacy and security and advocates for government transparency.

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Will GDPR going to give a person (Right to access) to access their personal information being maintained by any individual platform where GDPR is regularized , so that the person may be able to know how their data is being used and for what purpose.

Somik Sharma (~somik12)

Yes, I believe that's right. The GDPR regulations apply to EU data collectors and others who collect data of EU residents.


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