Making executables in Python with cx_freeze and pyinstaller

Omar Khursheed (~Omarkhursheed)




Building applications in Python is a lot of fun, and one of the rewards of Python is often the speed of implementation. We often find tasks that our friends need done, and the first thought that comes to mind is "i could write a quick script for this". However, the problem with this is to now get your non-tech friend to install python, trust the dreaded command-line to run your script, and finally get it to work. Imagine if you had a simple executable file that your friends and/or customers could double-click and get your tool up-and-running, like magic! No need to install Python or a bunch of libraries, etc. Using tools like cx_freeze and Pyinstaller, you can quickly create executables that broaden the reach of your applications. Executables for different platforms can be made using these tools, and having a Mac, Windows and Linux application that works conveniently and well can help spread the reach of your work.


  • Basic Python experience
  • Software Engineering concepts (basic product development cycle)

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Mohammad Omar Khursheed is a 3rd Year Computer Engineering undergraduate student at Aligarh Muslim University. He has two years of Python experience, and is fascinated by the possibilities it provides. Omar has worked at Enterprise Monkey, an Australia-based software consulting company, where he used Python to build language pack translation software, and has also contributed to Open Source organisations such as PySAL, the spatial analysis library. He is interested in product development cycles and in increasing accessibility to productivity tools that are usually targeted to programmers by bringing ease of use to the general public.

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