Implementing your own crypto currency

Pranit Bauva (~pranit)




Blockchain technology has gained a lot of popularity because of its decentralized nature. In this, no particular entity controls anything or is responsible for malfunctions and humans have successfully implemented it with currencies and are looking for other places where it can be used. It might seem very daunting but it's not that hard to have a currency of your own. With python and some background in economics, finance and banking systems, one can easily make his/her own crypto currency to work in workplace or campus.

What this talk covers:

  • Core blockchain technology

    • Data Structure for the crypto currency
    • Decentralization with consensus algorithm explaining incentives
    • How exactly to "mine" a crypto currency
  • Places for trade

    • Setting up a wallet to store the currency
    • Setting up an exchange
  • Banking System

    • Getting your currency bootstrapped
      • Setting up a payment gateway
      • Setting up a reserve fund
    • Setup the trust and get deals done
  • Valuing the currency

    • On what basis is the value of currency evaluated
    • What can make this currency more valuable
    • How can the price of currency be determined in real markets
  • Ending notes and strong warnings


The viewer is expected to know about basic cryptography about public and private key. A little idea about economics, finance and banking systems would be helpful.

Content URLs:

The slides for the talk are available here.

Other resources:

Public Key Cryptography

97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary - Queuepolitely cut

Speaker Info:

Pranit Bauva is currently working on his hedge fund that trades in crypto currencies and is now thinking of expanding it by creating a whole new market for derivatives of crypto currencies like futures contracts and various more things. He was selected in Google Summer of Code under Git organization in his 1st year at IIT Kharagpur where he spent his summers getting into the nuts and bolts of the core of git software, witnessing segmentation faults every day, fixing them and rewarding himself with beer!

He has strong roots in science and technology and believes that it is the only thing that can create this world a better place but is also quite interested in economics, finance, and politics as they are an integral part of our lives.

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Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hi can you please upload the slides for the talk so our team can review your proposal.

Pradhvan Bisht (~cyber_freak)

Yeah sure! I will do it within a week.

Pranit Bauva (~pranit)

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