HTTP Bottom Up - Live!

Anand Chitipothu (~anandology)




A deep-dive, live coding talk to explore everything that happens behind the scenes of your favorite web framework.

This talk explores building web applications starting all the way from bare sockets, without using any framework. Even though this is not the most production way to build web applications, this exercise will give a chance to observe and understand everything that happens behind the scenes of any web application.


  • Understand the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web
  • Play with some Internet Applications
  • Network programming and concurrency patterns
  • Understand how web browser and web server work
  • Build a web server
  • Understand WSGI
  • Build a web framework
  • Write a simple webapp using the web framework built above


Open mind and curiosity.

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This is going to be a live coding talk. I'm not planning to use any slides.

I offer this as a 2-day workshop and notes from one my earlier workshops are available at:

Speaker Info:

Anand has been crafting beautiful software since a decade and half. He’s now building a data science platform, rorodata, which he recently co-founded. He regularly conducts advanced programming courses through Pipal Academy. He is co-author of, a micro web framework in Python. He has worked at Strand Life Sciences and Internet Archive.

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Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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This will be fun!

Raghavendra Badaskar (~raghavendra96)

+1 for the importance of understanding HTTP and how less in general we understand it. Thanks for submitting this talk Anand. I hope this one makes it to the final list of selected talks.

Vaidik Kapoor (~vaidik)

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