How web framework works internally ?





We use multiple frameworks like Django, Bottle, Flask etc., but how they internally work ?

This talk will cover how web frameworks works internally. I'll go through request/response, routing, template, testing and WSGI in web framework.

Attendee will be able to understand internals of web frameworks after this talk. Intended purpose of this talk is to let everybody know how web framework works internally.

Speaker Info:

Hitul is Sr. Tech Architect at Coverfox Insurance Pvt. Ltd.( He has experience in development of large scale mission critical and fault tolerance distributed applications in e-commerce, fintech and health domains. He's pythonist and gopher.

He is very passionate about tech and keeps on tinkering with new stuff to solve critical real life problems with tech.

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Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hi can you please upload the slides for the talk so that your proposal can be reviewed.

Pradhvan Bisht (~cyber_freak)

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