Hacking your way into Machine Learning

Laksh Arora (~techedlaksh)




Machine Learning is a very hyped term and is very famous among lots of students or professionals but they are not sure how to take that first step. This talk is aimed at complete beginners who are starting in machine learning or are ready to commit but don't know where to start. We will see different steps of Applied Machine Learning process, what type of datasets are available out there and how can we apply machine learning to such datasets and finally we will see how and which libraries eases our work.

Furthermore, it hopes to inspire the audience to get started with machine learning, explore different domains, to teach, to learn, to create and to engage with Machine Learning Community.


Since this is a beginner talk, there is no prerequisite just some motivation to get started.

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Laksh Arora is Pythonista at heart and has interests in applications of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. Completed his BCA in Computer Science from IPU. Co-organiser of PyDataDelhi meetups. Previously also gave talk at PyDataDelhi community, CSI and other various small meetups. Also spoke at University level about latest work in Machine Learning and won multiple hackathons. Ex- Associate Instructor at coding blocks where he was teaching Machine Learning and also collaborating with other enthusiasts over the globe doing independent projects.

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Target Audience: Beginner
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