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Suraj Deshmukh (~suraj3)




With advent of containers it is taking over the world. It has become the de-facto way of deploying applications. Containers always existed in linux kernel for many years now, but Docker made it easier to use them.

There is lot of innovation happening in Linux container eco-system and it is relevant and useful for Python developers too. The objective of this workshop is to make docker container technology familiar to attendees. Attendees should be able to start using and experiment with docker after the workshop.

  • Basics of docker
  • Running containers using docker
  • Basic and important docker commands
  • Creating Dockerfiles, building images and running them
  • Packaging Python applications using Dockerfile
  • Create custom docker images
  • Introduction to open container initiative
  • Running containers using runc

Speaker Info:

Lalatendu Mohanty is a free software and open source enthusiast and advocate. He has been contributing/contributed for around 5 years to free and open source projects like CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Project Atomic, GlusterFS, Wikipedia and many more open source projects. He has given talks and conducted workshop in many National and international conferences like Fosdem, Devconf CZ, FUDCon, Devnation, PyCon India. He is also a regular speaker in Bangalore meetup groups like Docker, Digital Ocean, DevOps, . He is a software engineer by profession and currently working for Red Hat.

Suraj Deshmukh works at Red Hat in Developer Tooling team, where his day to day work involves making tools around containers and related technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift. As a part of work the programming languages, he works with are mainly Python and Golang. He has given talks and conducted workshop in national and international conferneces like PyCon India, FOSDEM, Devconf India, etc. He is free and open source enthusiast. Active member of the Docker and Kubernetes communities in Bangalore and Pune.

Speaker Links:

Lalatendu Mohanty

Suraj Deshmukh

Section: Infrastructure
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hi, It would be nice if you add your slides before 10 Sept. It will help our team to review your proposal. Thanks

Rajat Saini (~rajataaron)

The slides and content of the workshop is at We have done the same workshop in last PyCon 2016 and this time we change some content (as mentioned in the proposal) to match current ecosystem around containers.

Lalatendu Mohanty (~LalatenduMohanty)

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