Empowering African students with Python

Olamilekan Wahab (~Olamyy)




Python has over the years been generally accepted as the best language for the academic field. It has been in so many articles, reports and researches recommended as the best starting point for students of all ages. Tools like raspberry Pi, MicroBit have also been built to aid creativity and knowledge retention among young students. Despite these feets and advancements, it’s quite unfortunate that students in Africa are not actively being kept or empowered enough to enjoy some of these features and as such , it is safe to say the aforementioned researches focus their study case on countries outside Africa. To help increase the awareness of Python into the African Educational Sector, I started a community of Python Student Enthusiasts. This community called the Python Club is made up of student tech enthusiasts, python programmers,students of various disciplines. It started a year back with just 3 members and is as of now made up of 50 active members from different tertiary schools across Nigeria. This talk was born out of the need to share the many advantages I and the (student) community around me has derived through the use of Python as a tool not only for development but also for educational transformation tool.

This talk would center around the journey of Python Club from inception, challenges faced, challenges still being faced, success stories, the eventual aim and everything relating to the community. It will also cover our attempts at getting other African students involved and attempt to launch a student community in one Zimbabwean tertiary schools.

The talk is open to anyone regardless of their level of Python knowledge.

Speaker Info:

I am an Engineering Student of the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria who has a huge interest in Python. I am an active member of the Python Community in Nigeria and I head the Python Community in my school. I have organized, coached at and helped a lot of female (as well as male ) students get familiar with Python using the DjangoGirls events in my school and others. I have used Python in both academic and non-academic ways and as such I can say I have a very good experience and knowledge of it. Aside, being a student, I work at Terragon Group as a DevOps Engineer and as a Student Django Mentor at Code Institute. I also lead the Python Team in Ilab.

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