Doing Data Science the Industry way! :From data pulling to cleaning to storing to making predictions using python





Data science involves a lot of steps and most of us always see or hear only about the predictions part of it, this talk aims to present you the whole scenario of data science right from the beginning till end .

This talk will be a peek to the whole world of data science .

I plan to walk you through the life cycle of Data science at Industry level using python. Right from gathering the data ,cleaning the data, injecting the data to warehousing and then making predictions and beyond . Everything from creating data pipelines to flows to applying machine learning will be covered. The talk will showcase the power of python to perform all these tasks present in Data science life cycle. Code snippets ,visualizations will all be a part of the talk , so you see how we actually do it in industry.


1.Basic knowledge of python

2.Basics of Data

3.The Concept of Machine Learning

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Data Science

Data Warehousing

Presentation link (Please note that its the first draft as of now , will be editing it everyday and lot of editions to be done , review/comment accordingly :) )

Speaker Info:

Umang Sharma is currently an associate in Data science at Accenture Digital .He is involved in the whole life cycle of Data science -from pulling the data to making predictions and beyond .He writes in python majorly and number of other languages and have participated in a lot of kaggle competitions .

Before Accenture ,he was working for a startup as a Solution Design Engineer , taking care of whole AI and Data Science vertical.

Umang has been a National Science Academies Summer Research fellow and has also worked with CERN and is an amateur Polo player and a golfer. He loves to play around with a lot of data and using GPUs to handle them.

Section: Data Analysis and Visualization
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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