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There are hundreds of django based projects out there, in most of the cases, the default django setup is enough. Some others need to scale so they can serve thousands of requests per minute. Even though there is not a recipe for optimization, there are some strategies you can implement to scale your project to that level. In this talk we'll see some of the problems we've faced scaling django at dubizzle and how we tackle them.

There are a lot of projects and systems out there built on top of django. From complex high profile systems and intranets to simple websites and personal blogs. Truth is, in most of the cases the out of the box django setup will sufice, but in some cases, the team will need to make the project scale to serve thousands of requests per minute.

There's no recipe to scale a project, that's true, but there are some strategies and techniques you can apply to your django project to improve your system's scalability and take more out of your available resources. All of this requires to have some clear Software Engineering concepts, know your tool and some other tools to measure your project's performance to know what and where to optimize

In this talk, we will study some of these strategies, using some problems we've faced at dubizzle as case of study. We will go through the issues we faced on some of our services and how we solved them with real life examples.


Knowledge of django will be useful

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Israel is a Venezuelan software engineer working at dubizzle, one of the largest classifieds platforms in the middle east and part of the OLX family. When he's not programming, hacking around with docker or dancing salsa, he enjoys good music ant talking to people. Please, don't ask him to sing Despacito.

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My blog, some stuff is in english because I recently started blogging in english, most of it is in spanish, but google translate works well with spanish-english translations.

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