Diving into Metahuristic Research using Python

Rishab Gupta (~rishab01)




In our College's undergrad years many of us are fascinated by the word research and many of its charms are hidden until we find a field to start with. One such field is metaheuristics which have become of significant importance quiet recently with the advent of Big Data and computationally complex and expensive evaluations, this field delivers some optimal solutions that could provide global optimal for tasks like- optimization of neural networks, the travel salesman problem, and even intrusion detection systems.

The talk will cover:

  1. Introduction to metaheuristics: It will clearly explain its need and its comparison to other approaches.
  2. Anatomy of a metaheuristic algorithm: This will help people understand its working and formulation.
  3. Building it in Python: Here we will discuss how the above anatomy can be built using Python, its libraries and their code snippets.
  4. Finding your next research problem: Discussion on various aspects of problem solving and issues that metaheuristics can solve.

By the end of this talk, you will be able to:

• Gain an insight into the power of Python in research.

• People will have knowledge of a new domain of research.

• If you are able to tackle the problem and be able to present a paper on same in any future conference then the talk will truly be a success.


  • Familiarity with mathematical concepts like matrix multiplication, and a basic understanding of vectors. (Though intro would be given for the same)
  • Basics of Python programming.
  • Libraries: numpy, pandas and matplotlib will be used and their use will be explained in ppt. (Familiarity with them is not required but knowledge beforehand is always helpful)

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https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1pEtl_UTtv-CR_bua4JorKGMqVw02nPduIs2VJW07cno/edit?usp=sharing (Draft of proposed talk ppt)

Speaker Info:

I am an undergraduate majoring in Computer Engineering at NSIT. I am a Hackathon enthusiast with many web and app based projects being developed with 24 hrs. I am a web developer for our college's socio-academic portal and have worked on full-scale app development for a startup. On the research side, metaheuristic algorithms have been one of the domain for past few months. My areas of interest include Problem-solving, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Mobile app development, and IOT.

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Section: Scientific Computing
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hi, It would be nice if you add your slides before 10 Sept. It will help our team to review your proposal. Thanks

Rajat Saini (~rajataaron)

Sure, thanks for the same.

Rishab Gupta (~rishab01)

@Rajat Saini please find the ppt link updated :D

Rishab Gupta (~rishab01)

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