Dimensionality Reduction using t-SNE Algorithm in python





Dimensionality reduction or Dimension reduction is a technique used to reduce number of random variables under consideration, via obtaining a set of principal variables. There are a variety of techniques for doing this including but not limited to PCA, ICA, and Matrix Feature Factorization but our focus will be more on t-SNE which used mostly on non parametric and non-linear data.

Following things will be covered in this:- 1. What is Dimensionality Reduction? 2. What are different Dimensionality Reduction techniques? 3. What is t-SNE? 4. How is it different from other dimensionality Reduction Technique? 5. When to use it and how to use it in python?


Participants should have basic python programming knowledge .

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I am Deepak Kumar and did my Engineering in Computer Science and working in Analytics domain from last 3.5 years. I had started my career as Solution Designing in BI and Analytics specific to Manufacturing , Retail and Insurance Domain in Indian Market. I am using python from last 2.5 years for Data Analytics, Predictive and Machine Learning Model Building.

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Hi can you please upload the slides for the talk so that your proposal can be reviewed.

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