Creation of Telegram bots with Python

Mario Garcia (~mattdark)




Telegram is a messaging app that focus on security and supports the use of stickers and creation of bots, as so many other useful features. To create bots there's a bot named BotFather and the Telegram Bot API. BotFather is used to create the bot and do some basic configuration. Bot features and tasks are programmed with some programming languages like Python. For Python there's a library named python-telegram-bot that provides an interface for the Telegram Bot API, compatible with Python versions 2.7, 3.3+ and can be used for creating chatbots, bots that create graphs for math functions, etc.


  1. What is a bot?
  2. Introduction to the Telegram Bot API
  3. First steps with BotFather
  4. Let's write a first Telegram bot!
  5. The bot running


  1. Python 3.3+
  2. A text editor like Atom, Sublime Text, Notepad++
  3. python-telegram-bot. instructions:
  4. A Telegram account created and the app for Android, Windows, Linux or Mac


  1. Basic knowledge of Python
  2. Previous use of Telegram (Optional)

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Mario García has been a Free Software user and promoter for the last ten years. Volunteer for Mozilla and member of the Mozilla community in Mexico since 2011. He was member of the Firefox OS launch team for Mexico. Member of the Rust ( community in Mexico. Startup Weekend Organizer during 2013. Co-founder and editor of GNU/Linux Latam, a blog about Free Software. Co-founder of Hacking Diem (, an iniciative to promote social and tech entrepreneurship. Mentor for TechWo Community ( Chapter Tuxtla Gutiérrez. He teaches Python at a local university in Tapachula, Mexico. He participated as speaker at PyCon Colombia ( on February this year with a workshop about Flask ( He has attended technology and innovation events in Mexico, Colombia, Canada and Spain.

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