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Every programming language has its own X-factor for which it is popular and purposely meant for, for example, Concurrency , which is quite an issue Python , can be done efficiently in Golang (which is popular for its concurrency by using Go Routines).

Similarly, Another example for Real Time Communication(RTC) is Erlang, though it can be done in Python as well, but , Erlang is the most efficient in Real Time Communication. To enlighten it, most of us has used "" which is a live and most widely used application of Erlang.

And Similarly, Python, is the most versatile language which can implement almost any task of Computer Science, no matter, from Embedded to Data Mining. But while doing, as a Pure Python developer(Pythonista), I have to compromise with the resource consumption and efficiency.

But, just imagine how amazing the world would be if combine all the rich features of Golang, Erlang etc. other programming languages to one central point i.e. Python which and eventually helps to develop Hybrid apps with less resource consumption(achieving scalability). And at the same point , we will be sticking to our favourite platform i.e. "Python".

Scalability, which is the hot topic of the scenario, since, now we have a massive number of people waiting for us everyday to develop something new for them, which would help to reduce the strain in their day to day life and we have to take care that our developed services shouldn't crash when they needed it the most , that too at a reasonable cost.

Why Sticking to Python ?

Because of the easiness of doing from anything to everything on Python. As far as I have tried programming languages, undoubtedly, Python is the most quick going, less code, simple syntax.


  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • Basic Knowledge of Protocols like http, udp, tcp, protobuff etc. and RPCs like XMLrpc, JSONrpc etc.
  • Some awareness of Python GIL
  • Interest to learn something unsual and fascinating

Content URLs:

I've developed a couple of libraries to show the implementation of IDEA:


Speaker Info:

Nikhil is a jovial programmer who has been programming in Python for past 3 years, and has been promoting Python heavily amongst the people, via the ways of SIGs, which he conducted under IEEE-NIEC. He has been a very active member of IEEE-NIEC student branch of NIEC and has done many projects in IOT, Embedded Programming.

Apart from IEEE, he has been doing some other projects on Socket Programming, Microservices-an implementation of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA), Data mining, Data Visualisation and has been a part of many startups, developing their platforms particularly on Flask and Django.

Currently he is an intern at "The Linux Foundation", working on Blockchain Technology for a project named Hyperledger, mentored by people at Huawei, China and IBM, China.

Apart from Python, what fascinates him the most is: Containers and Orchestration.

His aim is to contribute to a future full of fruitful technologies which works lightning fast and benefiting humanity.

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