Clean Architecture Applications in Python

Subhash Bhushan (~subhashb)




Clean Architecture helps you build applications that are Independent of Frameworks, UI, Database or any external agency. This talk will be an introduction to Clean Architecture principles and system design in Python. We will choose a sample application and walk through a simple use case of creating clean code.

What you will gain from this talk:

  1. Grow your application with confidence
  2. Build applications to be independent of infrastructure like Web Frameworks, Database etc.
  3. Avoid mixing of business logic across different layers of your application
  4. Test close to 100% of your core business logic
  5. Keep your tests fast and independent of infrastructure (DB, Web Layer etc.)


  • Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Basic knowledge of Design concepts, like Dependency Injection, Single responsibility principle etc.
  • Experience with building web applications

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Speaker Info:

Subhash has 14+ years of software development experience in a variety of domains, technical roles, software languages and frameworks. His tryst with Python began recently though, about an year ago. Currently, he runs a Consultancy startup aimed at providing Platform Design, Architecture and Development services.

His interests are large scale web platform development, system design/architecture and DevOps friendly processes.

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Target Audience: Beginner
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