Building sophisticated data visualization web-apps with Dash and Python

Tarun Gaba (~tarzzz)




Dash is an open source framework to build scalable web apps using only Python. It's particuarly suited for anyone who works with data in Python. Those who use Python for data analysis, data exploration, visualization, modelling, instrument control, and reporting will find immediate use for Dash.

This talk aims to introduce the audience with Dash and demonstrate how to create and deploy apps.

What this talk covers:

  • Brief Introduction to Dash [5 minutes]
  • Dash Infrastructure [15 minutes]

    • Dash Infrastructure (Frontend and Backend)
    • Dash Components
    • Dash - App deployment
  • How to write a simple Dash App [15 minutes]

    • A small tutorial on how to create interactive webapps using Dash.
  • 5 minutes for Questions


Basic knowledge of python.

Content URLs:

  • Talk slides (WIP)

Speaker Info:

Tarun is currently working as a full-stack developer for Plotly. Previously, he has been part of Google Summer of Code -- both as a student (GSoC '13 and '14) and as a mentor (GSoC '15).

As a data visualization enthusiast and a web developer, he has contributed in various open source projects over time, like Jupyter, Sympy, Broadguage (Python Express framework) and Plotly.

He also likes to read about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on our future as human beings.

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Section: Data Analysis and Visualization
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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