Building single page javascript apps with Django, Graphql, Relay and React!

Nicholas Romero (~ncrmro)




I'm the author of a boilerplate called Reango.

It features a GraphQL backend powered by Django. Django then serves a Webpack compiled single page application built using React, Relay.

It features authentication using JWT tokens and with unit and browser tests.

I'd like to give a talk on when and how to use such a stack as Reango.


What an API is, the Django ORM, a bit of understanding of the difference between server side and client side rendered front ends.

Speaker Info:

I grew up in Houston Texas, I've owned and worked as Software Developer/IT consulting company for the last four years, I'm currently using this stack too In one of my business projects and was also hired to implement the Reango stack for a company in Silicon Valley.

Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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