Building Scalable Conversational Systems With Python

Olamilekan Wahab (~Olamyy)




The rise of conversational system popularly known as bots has been dramatic in the world of social media enabled platforms. From Facebook Messenger to Slack and down to Skype, bots are revolutionizing the way conversations are held. What are the secrets to building scalable bots? What are the secrets to getting the most out of their features? From the point of view of a novice python programmer with little or knowledge how things really work — as a professional programmer — this talk offers lessons learnt in building highly scalable bots to do everything from simple echo bots to bots running complex tasks connected to web applications and co-existing with external services . These would all be looked from the Python perspective. Bots while simple use some unique techniques to support both scalability and . Should you build your libraries from scratch use existing platforms? How deep should your language processing algorithms be? What techniques should or should not be used in the long run to ensure smooth running of all systems? Should it be a monolith or microservice platform. Learn the trade-offs, learn how to comfortably go beyond echo bots and learn how not to get yourself in trouble when you start scaling. The talk would majorly follow this order:

  1. Intro Who am I? 1. History of Conversational Systems(bots) 2. Explain why bots are getting quite popular.
  2. Building Bots 1. Questions to Ask 2. Best Answer to these Questions
  3. Developing Bots 1. Theory 2. Where Python Comes In 3. Best Practices
  4. Testing Bots 1.Best Practices
  5. Deploying Bots 1. Questions to Ask 2. Best Answer to these Questions 3. Best Practices
  6. Scaling Bots 1. Questions to Ask 2. Best Answer to these Questions 3. Best Practices

Speaker Info:

I am an Engineering Student of the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Nigeria who has a huge interest in Python. I am an active member of the Python Community in Nigeria and I head the Python Community in my school. I have organized, coached at and helped a lot of female (as well as male ) students get familiar with Python using the DjangoGirls events in my school and others. I have used Python in both academic and non-academic ways and as such I can say I have a very good experience and knowledge of it. Aside, being a student, I work at Terragon Group as a DevOps Engineer and as a Student Django Mentor at Code Institute. I also lead the Python Team in Ilab.

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