Building Messenger Chatbots with Python

Daxeel Soni (~daxeel2)




It is predicted that Messaging apps will be the new browser and chatbots will be the new apps. Isn’t it cool that for every service to use, you do not need to download 100’s new apps? All you can access in your favorite messenger. All giants has opened their messenger platform to build bots on the top of it. Eg, Facebook(messenger), Telegram, Twitter, Kik, Wechat, Microsoft(Skype).

Chatbots are taking place in all the major industries. Automated customer support, entertainment, HR, retail, e-commerce are the top industries where chatbots are started ruling.

So, let’s explore building chatbots on one of the most popular messenger app from Facebook. In this talk, i am going to discuss how to build your own messenger chatbot right way from scratch with python.

  • What & Why Chatbots?
  • Platforms
  • Why Facebook Messenger?
  • Bot setup
  • Code setup
  • Hello World Bot
  • Other Features Supported
  • What's next?


  • Flask
  • REST Apis

Speaker Info:

I build stuff in the domain of Chatbots, web and IoT. I code and teach Python at various tech events and universities. I speak on different technologies at different tech events and organizations.

  • Chatbot Programmer working with startups based in India and USA
  • PythonExpress Educator
  • Chatbot Influencer
  • Coach at Django Girls(UK), Ahmedabad Chapter
  • Co-lead at Facebook Developers Circles, Ahmedabad
  • Selected for Hack the North '17, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Tech Speaker
  • 4th Year Computer Engineering Student

For everything about my events, workshops and contributions, do check out my website -

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