Boosting Python Web Applications with Protocol Buffers and GRPC

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Do you know in the current micro services world, how to spot the critical parts of a monolith and replace them with modern efficient technologies? Have you ever wondered how Google or Netflix scale their traffic? For all these questions you should know how you can boost your web applications using Protocol Buffers and GRPC. Protocol Buffer is the data format that allows you to efficiently compose and read messages in binary format over HTTP/2. GRPC is a transport mechanism which delivers the protocol buffers over the wire. In the recent days, businesses may integrate with third party systems. For that to be smooth, any system can implement a micro service and others can consume it and vice versa.


Knowledge of JSON based REST services. Others will be covered in the talk.

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Naren Arya, currently working as Software Engineer 2 at Citrix R&D, India. He is a Pythonista from the beginning. Currently joined the cloud services team in Citrix in a full stack development role. He is well known with his Python blog Impythonist. Gave many conference talks and presentations before. He is willing to share his knowledge of building micro services with Protocol Buffers & GRPC. Naren previously worked at few innovative startups like Knowlarity Cloud Telephony for integrating many different platforms using Django & BackboneJS.

He loves blogging on open source because it is the simplest way to explain things to the loving community. Apart from Python, he loves web development overall, best practices of scaling etc.

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Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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