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Purpose and Audience : For all those who are looking for automation of desktop application like Skype, web application built using Flash , windows desktop app etc this talk will demonstrate automation using unique combination of Python and Sikuli .The automation solution discussed in this talk can be used for simple web application to complex telematics system testing and desktop based process automation. Audience for this talk is professionals who propose, design, develop and sell automation solution.

Description : All are familiar with Python -Selenium based web app automation but this solution cannot be applied for Flash object based application and also for simple desktop applications like skype , desk top tools etc. To overcome this challenge in automation of Desktop and flash object based web app , automation solution is designed using python and Sikuli . Python is used as main automation script which would interface with the automation environment like serial ports , Data base , network and Sikuli scripts. Sikuli is mainly used for image recognition and controlling the desktop events . Python and Sikuli framework is being used to demonstrate how an automation solution can be achieved from simple Skype automation to complex Telematics System Testing .


Python 2.7 basics . Sikuli X 1.1.0 basics Lib : Xmlrcplib – xlrd-xlutil – csv – pytesser – Win32com – visa-pyodbc -pyqt etc

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Link to presentation deck is given below .

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Has over 14 year of experience in automotive domain in the field of automation, Model based design and development, IOT, Robotics, AI and quality management. Extensively worked on Automation of Telematics, IVI, Power train systems using some of the industry standard simulators and Automation languages apart from Model based design and development of embedded applications. Has extensively worked in open source automation language like python-sikuli-selenium-appium etc and built multiple automation assets for Automotive , IOT and Chatbots. Has two patents to her name in automation of Voice and Dbus based system test automation. Speaker in ESTF 2015 and has published multiple white papers on Automation.

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Highly relevant article in the arena of automation. It is an effective blend of the open source capabilities for the object based applications, and can be extended to connected world automation.

Thanks for highly informative article ....

Good Luck Sharanreddy

Hi can you please upload the slides for the talk so our team can review your proposal.

Pradhvan Bisht (~cyber_freak)


Link to presentation deck is given below .

Presentation includes live demo of the Skype Automation using Python-Sikuli.

Let me know if you need any further information to consider my presentation for the event

Thanks Vidya

Vidya Rajagopal (~vidya)

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