A little bot for empowering teams

Pooja Shah (~p00j4)




The talk is about a bot which has potential to solve/prevent communication problems at workplace. Don't buy it yet? read on:

Outline of Talk:

  • Problem analysis & origin of the bot - 10 min
  • The bot at your service - 15 min
    • with a live demo, we will discover, how we got our first bot live and then what more handy features it brought @ work that it is like a team member now and how does it solves the problems.
  • The exponential future possibilities - 5 min
  • Questions & Answers - 5 min

What is in it for me:

Imagine, it is one of your Release Day and the code started breaking all of a sudden, tested features are not working anymore, and it is going to take time to figure out whom to reach & people start passing the buck?

enter image description here Experienced such stormy sail on your release day?

Amidst all this, losing time for release deployment as the traffic on your product is peaking up or exceeding the deadline promised to the clients. Manual monitoring wasn’t a solution as it isn’t scalable ?

  • Already nodding your head in agreement ? Many times somewhere deep down, did you feel like escaping from the heated discussion or wished there were snapshots of all the important events which could give you the clues/traceback to hunt & chuck the wrong commits out of the system and move ahead. Or even better some software which you could just hook to your system which would never let you reach such a chaotic state itself by blocking/notifying any wrong doings.
  • Or are you among those telling yourself “we already solved it”. As a tech geek, are you excited to explore a different way as to how we are solving it?

Come let’s talk and take a sneak peek at how we are dealing with these and how Project Alice is helping us.

  • Will also be sharing how I leveraged the power of existing Open Sourced technologies along with beauty of python to create it.
  • How this can be useful for many of your use cases at work and know how you can also create your own personal 24*7 guard/assistant for your team.

~ A little attempt towards making healthier work culture by keeping the smart brains happier :-)

Content URLs:

Open sourced - Alice the bot

PPT link - will attach soon

Speaker Info:

Pooja is an automation nerd and open source enthusiast. She loves brainstorming and implementing crazy ideas to figure out ways to improve the product quality. Having a blend of dev, qa & devops mindset, she strives to bridge the gaps between all the teams to attain the best results. Driven by curiosity to learn & share new things everyday, she blogs, speaks & records 'easy to learn' tutorials.

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Target Audience: Intermediate
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