Your first patch to OpenStack

Akanksha Agrawal (~Akanksha08)




Have you been thinking of making your first contribution to OpenStack but not sure where to start?

Right from Installing DevStack, to selecting a bug, interacting with the community, taking help on the IRC, testing your fixes on DevStack, submitting your first patch with git review, getting your patch reviewed under the gerrit review system, till finally getting your patch merged to master, this talk will acquaint you with the workflow and show you how easy it is make your first contribution.

Having gone through the same process ourselves, after this talk we will make sure that you have the required knowledge to land your first patch upstream.


Eagerness to contribute to an open source project.

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  1. Installing DevStack in 3 steps
  2. Getting familiar with the launchpad bug tracker
  3. Selecting a low-hanging fruit to work upon
  4. Interacting with the community on IRC for help
  5. Submitting your first patch with "git review" to the gerrit review tool

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Sana Khan is working on OpenStack Neutron as an Outreachy intern in the current May-August 2016 round.

Akanksha Agrawal has worked on OpenStack Sahara as an Outreachy intern in the December-March 2016 round.

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