Web Scraping for Dummies

Ipsita Das (~ipsita)




From data sciences to app development, data extraction is the most necessary ingredient in today's world. Everybody in software, hardware and computer science research require data in some form or the other. The challenge is to extract and accumulate relevant and useful data. Hitherto, it is a must for everyone to have a basic working idea of data extraction from the web.

In this session we will discuss how web scraping is helpful in handling our data extraction issues and how easily this can be achieved using 'BeautifulSoup'. We will discuss web scraping from scratch and also run sample code for proper visualization of the techniques we will be demonstrating. People without prior knowledge of BeautifulSoup can easily grasp the demonstrated techniques. A working knowledge of HTML and Python will just be required and absolutely nothing else. We will wrap up our session with an overview of how Selenium can be used in web scraping, in order that the audience have an overall and complete overview of web scraping as a whole. For this basic knowledge of Selenium is good enough.

We plan to keep our session lucid, comprehensible and most importantly simple, so that the audience can take back a working knowledge of web scraping. We will be exhibiting sample code for better understanding at each step.


Basic knowledge of Selenium, Python and HTML

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