Using Django Rest Framework in IoT!

Aniket Maithani (~aniket)




Generally creating your own IoT product is considered to be a hassle especially when you want to handle your IoT device across multiple platform e.g Mobile devices etc. The most generic solution to such a problem is creating an API for the same and hence enabling device interaction via multiple interface. I would give some uses cases which I have practically implemented using DRF and [Arduino+Raspberry Pi]

The following talk would stress on the following points : - IoT [Just a misnomer??] - IoT & Python [Best Buddies!!] - Handling Request/Response from your IoT device using API - Analysing device feasibility - Testing your API along with Hardware [Test Cases, Unit Testing (gist)] - Use Cases [ Primarily Educational, for social causes etc. ]


  • Internet Access
  • Power
  • Project
  • Audio

That's All Folks!

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0 - 5 Minutes : - Intro - What is IoT - What is DRF

5-10 Minutes : - Arduino + Python [ Screen Based Demo (recording)] 1 Minute 25 seconds at max - Coupling your API with the device

10-15 Minutes : - Analysing the Request/Response Mechanism from the Hardware

15-20 Minute : - Writing test cases for your API - Testing API along with the hardware

20-25 Minute: - Use Cases : - Educational : - Attendance System, Student Engagement System (Activity Tracker) - Social : Collection of Data e.g Air Monitoring, Water etc. / Field Data Collection

25-30 Minute : - Q & A

Speaker Info:

Aniket is a budding Hacker and currently works for a startup called Neuron as a Sr. Backend Developer. In his free time he contributes to Open Source project and teaches Python to school kids. He has been working in the field of embedded system since last three years and his field of interest include, Embedded Development, Community Building, Open Source Projects & TDD.

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