Think your python code is slow? Learn how to measure and improve the performance

Ambarish KC (~ambarish)




Many of us blame python for being slow. Ever thought it's not python's fault all of those times. May be it's our code that is at fault. It is useless trying to blindly optimize a program without measuring where it is actually spending its time. There are many things that can be measured on our code. This talk will focus on profiling different parts of your program like line by line analysis, memory used by each objects, memory leaks, objects that causes these memory leaks, etc. The profiling and analysis will be done using python standard libraries and also using some open source libraries.

When you walk out of this talk, you would be a better programmer and appreciate the finer details of python.


Basic python

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Draft of the presentation. More code snippets will be added.

And live code will be shows in the IDE and demo'ed.

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Ambarish is a back-end engineer at Mad Street Den who builds scalable infrastructure with which the core AI products are being served seamlessly.

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