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This talk will be about using Python for functional programming. Functional programming is a programming paradigm wherein computation is treated as evaluation of mathematical functions and avoids changing-state and mutable data. A regular programmer can use a lot of constructs inspired by the functional paradigm and Python supports the same. The talk will be focussed on a practical programmer's view of adapting to functional programming rather than abstract functional technique. The audience will be able to clean up parts of their daily code using functional style.


Nothing as such though the audience with prior Python experience will be able to relate to the examples and think of ways to improve their code on a daily basis.

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A rough first draft of slides can be found here. Please note that this is for review purpose only and will be polished well before being presented at the conference. Notebooks accompanying the talk shall be linked soon. Do let me know your expectations from the talk, the slides will be modified accordingly.

Python documentation has a section devoted here for the interested. If time permits, I shall also touch upon fn.py.

Speaker Info:

Sumith is currently a third year computer science undergraduate student at IIT Bombay. <br/> He is a contributor to SymPy as well as SymEngine, currently a mentor of GSoC for two projects under the SymPy organisation, he has also successfully completed GSoC 2015 project for SymEngine under Python Software Foundation. Sumith has also interned at EPFL, birth place of the Scala functional programming language.

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Github : https://github.com/Sumith1896 <br/> Webpage : https://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~sumith/ <br/> Twitter : https://twitter.com/sumith1896 <br/> E-mail : sumith1896@gmail.com <br/>

You can even reach me on Facebook. My blog lives here.

Section: Core Python
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Target Audience: Beginner
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