Splitting up the monolith; converting a huge django project into microservices

Sreeraj a (~sreeraj)




In this talk, we will take you through the personal journey of trying to split a 15KLOC django codebase into manageable and scalable, microservices. This is in no way a "how-to" talk, but rather a Proof of concept, or how we decided to tackle the problem. We will discuss the approaches that were considered, and the one that worked out for us.

Head and torso of the talk will be the architecture and a short demo, tail of the talk will be discussion on improving the architecture.


  • understanding of web development using django
  • An idea of how microservices can be used to scale web sites
  • Traps and pitfalls of microservices based architecture

Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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