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Ankit Chandawala (~nerandell)




The workshop is designed to get people up and going with service oriented architecture in python using Vyked. I am one of the core contributors and wrote most of it along with Kashif Razzaqui.


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My name is Ankit Chandawala. Currently I work as a Senior Product Engineer at Kayako. I have worked in 1mg and Directi before this. I have experience in both server side and mobile client side technologies having working on both Python and Android.

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  • Vyked : Vyked is an asyncio based python framework for service oriented architectures.
  • Jsonstreamer : Jsonstreamer provides a SAX-like push parser in python. Based on the fast c libary 'yajl'. Great for parsing streaming json over a network as it comes in or json objects that are too large to hold in memory altogether.
  • async-retrial : Easy to use retry library based on asyncio written in python.
  • Cymbaline : Cymbaline is a PHP web service framework. It follows MVC pattern and makes development of web applications easy by including commonly used tasks in the framework itself to reduce effort and time taken for development.

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