Sentiment analysis and Web Development with flask

Kashyap Raval (~kashyap32)




A complete tutorial on sentiment analysis & Web Development with flask

Course Outline:

Introduction to sentiment analysis with python

Introduction to tweepy, pickle

Introduction to Flask

At last we will Start working on a simple project


Basic knowledge of python


Python 2

Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS

Speaker Info:

I am Kashyap Raval. I'm currently pursuing Degree in Bachelors of Engineering in computer engineering. I have a good experience in developing python custom SDKs, web APIs using flask , web - services(flask). Also I do research in Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Currently I am working on project which include some data analysis and concept of machine learning an AI. I'd love to call my self "Python lover"!!!.

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GIT :-



Section: Others
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Nice bro !! I'm with you

meet patel (~meet2)

@meet2 thanks man!!

Kashyap Raval (~kashyap32)

Good Job Bro..

Soni Kunjan (~soni2)

Good Job Bro..

Soni Kunjan (~soni2)

Good Job Bro..

Soni Kunjan (~soni2)

Thanks soni kunjan @soni2

Kashyap Raval (~kashyap32)

Good going, bro...!!


Feeling proud ...kashyap

Piyush Raval (~piyush)

Will you show output of sentiment analysis using flask? I use sentiment analysis in stock market. MY talk: " Application of Machine Learning and Sentiment analysis in stock market"


@parthasen Yes I'll show the output of sentiment analysis using flask!!

Kashyap Raval (~kashyap32)

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