Scaling Django To The Sky

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This proposal is to explain the tips and tricks of scaling a Django project to handle millions of requests with a simple and elegant stack. This talk explains how efficiently developers can use

  1. Django advanced features for code optimization
  2. Using profilers to monitor what is causing bottleneck in stack
  3. Using micro-services based architecture to remove unwanted load from Django apps
  4. Optimizing web page speeds if Django is powering your website. (Don't blame Django for bad UI practices)
  5. Load balancers, Caching systems and Web accelerators to get maximum throughput out of Django.

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key points:

  • How database optimization is achieved using Django's advanced features.
  • Django's hurdles in path of scaling, how to overcome them.
  • Suggesting good open source stack that really works.
  • A better architecture which costs less but returns more value.


You should have idea of following:

  • Basic knowledge on how Web Frameworks works
  • Entry knowledge on Django web development
  • Basic idea on HTTP and REST
  • No need to know about Load Balancers, Cache etc. Will give a swift introduction about them in the talk.

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Speaker Info:

Hey There, I am a Python and JavaScript developer with a good knowledge on DevOps. I worked previously as a Software engineer in <a href="">Quadloops Technologies</a>, an innovative startup in Kochi. Now I am working as DevOps Engineer building Computer Telephony Integration in <a href="">Knowlarity Communications, Bangalore</a>. I worked with building few internal architectures and libraries. i love contributing to Open Source.

last October, I gave a talk on distributed databases in PyCon India 2016 .

I like photography and travelling more. From Oscar Wilde and Canon Doyle to Peter Thiel, every author fascinates me. I almost spend my time with Kindle in the journeys and weekends.




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