Rapid Application Development with Kivy (A Cross-Platform Python Library)

Pushpendra Tiwari (~pushpendra2)




Now a days, there are many ways with which you can develop an application for the multiple devices and the leading technology which is in use worldwide is 'Android'. But as a Python enthusiast i would like to present a not so popular python package 'Kivy', with which we can develop an application in quite lesser time.

I will be covering these topics:

Introduction to Kivy

Basic functionalities and its usage

Developing small kivy application (Modified Ping Pong Game)

Developing a basic git interface application(With which we can edit,update & commit remotely with our handheld devices).

Packaging it for various platform such as Android, iOS etc.


Basic knowledge about the application life cycle .

Basics about different layouts and orientations.

Programming experience in python (Beginner)

A broad smile on face :-)

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I am a graduating student in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at SRM University. My professional experience includes working as a Software Intern and a Full Stack developer. I have also done projects and research work in various fields including complex networks, web designing and data analytics in eminent organizations and institutions such as Malgudi Lab - IIT Ropar, Future Focus Infotech. My current research fellowship focuses on the study of complex networks in network science domain. .

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Developed a data analysis tool, http://gmailextractor.infoassistants.net/

Currently doing research in Malgudi Lab, IIT Ropar in network science domain.

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