Python for image analytics (face recognition and other image analytics cases)

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We can leverage python for Image analytics work like 1. face recognition, 2. analysis of FMRI and other medical reports, 3. video analysis to find copyright-wise problematic videos 4. analysis of street images to identofy ideal location etc. This session will explain how to use Python, PyVision, OpenCV and SciPy for such work. Also, we will have some live case studies and the easy to understand code. When you leave this talk, you will be an expert in image analytics using python.


Basic understanding of Python.

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Prasad Kothari is an analytics thought leader. He has worked extensively with Organizations such as Merck, Sanofi Aventis, Freddie Mac, Fractal Analytics, and the National Institute of Health on various analytics and big data projects. He has published various research papers in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and American public health.

Prasad is Industrial engineer from V.J.T.I. and has done M.S. in management Information Systems from University of Arizona. He works closely with different labs at MIT on digital analytics projects and research.

He has worked extensively on many statistical tools such as R, Stata, SAS, SPSS and Python. His leadership and analytics skills have been pivotal in setting up analytics practices for various organizations and helping grow them across the globe.

Prasad set up a team of fraud investigation at Freddie Mac which is world renowned team and has been known in fraud detection industry as a pioneer in cutting edge analytical techniques. Prasad also set up a team of sales forecasting at Merck and Sanofi Aventis and also helped these Pharmaceutical companies in discovering new ground breaking analytical techniques for drug discovery and clinical trials. Prasad also worked at US Government (Healthcare department at NIH) and consulted on various healthcare analytics projects.

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