Python based REST APIs and their usage across hybrid mobile applications





Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style defining a set of design constraints rather than a concrete system for building web applications. With the advent of REST architecture, network efficiency and scalability has experienced a considerable improvement helping developers to build cleaner APIs to access their web applications. This talk focuses on building RESTful web services and REST APIs in Python and Tornado enabling a coherent back-end solution for variety of front-end JavaScript frameworks based mobile applications.

During our presentation we will cover the following topics:

  • Fundamentals that should be kept in mind to build Python based REST APIs.
  • Elaborating why Python and Tornado are a good choice for building a RESTful web service and REST APIs. Also, a brief explanation of request handlers in Tornado responsible for making the APIs RESTful will also be included.
  • Demonstration of platform-independent storage REST APIs which can be integrated in cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications. With the help of storage APIs, developers can save and retrieve the application data in CSV, JSON or any other format.
  • Live demonstration of REST APIs for storing and retrieving images across applications. The images are sent to the server as an encoded base64 data and returned as a URL. If you require a service to host your logos and signatures, this image REST API can be of easy use.
  • Creating pdfs using the pdf REST API. We will explain how pdfs can be returned embedded in an email from the HTML content sent by the client mobile application. This API is useful for developers in requirement of rendering their HTML data into pdf format.
  • Client side implementation of the various REST APIs using AJAX requests. This can be directly imported into any cross platform hybrid application to be able to gain access to various REST APIs.


  • Knowledge of basic Python
  • Basic Javascript, HTML, CSS and JSON
  • Knowledge of Python web frameworks like Django and Tornado
  • Storage systems like MySql and S3
  • Knowledge of front end hybrid mobile app development frameworks like Ionic 1.x, Ionic 2.x, Xamarin, Jquery Mobile and Cordova.
  • Knowledge of front end web frameworks like AngularJS, React and Lightning Salesforce.

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Mini Bhati works as a Product Engineer at Aspiring Investments Corp, a software development firm focused on enterprise and finance spreadsheet platform for PC and Post-PC devices. She has gathered experience working on all stages of software engineering as a full stack developer. Her wealth of experiences include software design and development of numerous tablet and mobile applications, developing REST API services and incorporating it in more than 250 apps, software implementation for use cases spanning a range of industries.

Manu Sheel Gupta is the Founder and Chairman of the Software for Education,Entertainment and Training Activities. Gupta has served as the former South-Asia Liaison at One Laptop Per Child(OLPC), where he acquired a wealth of experience in numerous technical and leadership roles. He worked closely with the governments and organizations in India and Sri Lanka to help build OLPC foundations in these countries. In the social profit sector, he has worked as the Director, Business Development at India School Fund. He has led efforts in developing environment friendly peer to peer software, and co-authored paint, spreadsheet, and e-book readers for OLPC laptops. He is a network security and ethical hacking certificate holder and an open source enthusiast.

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