Python and Robot Framework - Beyond the obvious

Bala Kumaran (~BalakumaranS)




There are multitude of sources available when it comes to how to write test cases in Robot framework or how to write test libraries in Python and use them in your Robot test cases, Behaviour/data driven testing etc., but not much of information on some powerful features of Robot and how we can leverage it from Python libraries. As a Python developer, i dont want to give up my advantage of writing clean code for using Robot test cases <br> <br><li>How to achieve design patterns in Python libraries and still make your test cases/test suites look simple <br><li>Usage of Proper Keywords <br><li>Proxy layer implementation - why is it good or bad? <br><li>Listeners in Robot Framework - some interesting use cases <br><li>Handling code changes in the later stage of your automation cycle <br>


Working knowledge of Python and Understanding of what is Robot framework/any keyword driven framework will be good

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Working as an Automation Architect for Skyhigh Networks, Bangalore. Has been working on designing and implementing automation solution for DLP solution of Skyhigh

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