Put that SWAG in your API - SWAGGERIZE it

BrijRaj Singh (~brijraj)




Everyone is making and consuming REST API's now a days as it's simple to consume and doesn't carry the bells and whistles like earlier complex technologies like SOAP. The Bells and whistles though at one point ensured that both client and server were tightly integrated with the help of sharable schema definitions by server to the clients.

Swagger brings the similar kind of experience but in a much simple way to the REST API's, it helps generate the API Documentation on the fly that one can share with the clients. So lets SWAGGERize our API's and learn how to implement Swagger with Python as well as other Language based REST APIs.

The talk will first focus on drawing a parallel between the SOA implementations like CORBA or .net webservices/remoting and REST API's and why everyone moved from complex implementations to simplistic REST API implementation and how the tenets of SOA were shaken during this process.

Second part of the talk will introduce the Swagger and tools that are part of Swagger suite, It can be overwhelming at times to see how these tools fit together and work with multiple platforms at the same time, we'll see the underlying architecture of Swagger and see how each tool fits in.

Third part - Shows a python demo where we will make and break a REST API written in python and generate its documentation and generate its clients (in multiple languages) as quickly as possible as part of the release process



Content URLs:

Get to know about Swagger from here

  1. http://swagger.io/
  2. https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-codegen
  3. Slide link - https://1drv.ms/f/s!ACOAhH8fmI_daQ (work in progress)

Speaker Info:

I am a Sr. Technology Evangelist (Open Source solutions) with Microsoft. I have a decade worth of experience in both Microsoft technologies as well as with open source technologies. I have architected highly scalable and reliable solutions using Open source technologies. I regularly speak at 3rd party conferences including the local PyDelhi Chapter. I love to work with technologies that make developers lives easy, every now and then a new product comes out that makes the processes more easier, my job is to bring that knowledge to devs and make our lives simpler, because there are better things to do than to write code.

Speaker Links:

  1. http://www.developermarch.com/developersummit/session.html?insert=BrijSingh1
  2. http://www.developermarch.com/developersummit/session.html?insert=BrijSingh2
  3. http://www.unicomlearning.com/2016/Test_Automation_Agile_Testing_and_DevOps_Summit_Delhi/
    1. Contributor to - https://github.com/Azure/azure-quickstart-templates

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