Power of python excel - Data Logging for System Performance Analysis

Arthy Loganathan (~aloganat)




To benchmark any software product, we often need to to performance analysis of the system along with the product . This tool monitors the cpu, memory and load average of the system and collects the data in excel sheet in regular intervals of time and plots the graph with that data if it is needed.


Basic Knowledge of Python

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Arthy Loganathan works at RedHat as software QA Engineer

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Section: Testing
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hello Arthy,

Thank you for proposing this talk.

It is not clear which tool you are describing in the description. Is it an open source tool that the audience will be able to use for their work? If not, what are the take aways from your talk? Are there other tools like the ones you are going to talk about? What are your take aways from building/using this tool?

Puneeth Chaganti (~punchagan)

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