Plyer: platform-independent Python wrapper for platform-dependent APIs.

Kuldeep (~kiok46)




Plyer (Platform independent compatibility layer) is a library for accessing features of your hardware / platforms. Plyer provides access to features like Bluetooth, Camera, NFC, Notifications, Calling and others that are commonly found on multiple platforms. It's aim is to make it so you don't have to think about wrapping all these features on your own because it's already done, you just need to import them.

Supported platforms by plyer:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • OSX.

This talk will also include some introduction of Pyjnius and Pyobjus tools which gives access to Objective-C and Java code dynamically.

Plyer example.

from plyer import call

Pyjnius example

from jnius import autoclass
java_string = autoclass('java.lang.String')

Pyobjus example

from pyobjus import autoclass
NSString = autoclass('NSString')

We will also be using Kivy Remote Shell to test plyer on android device.

The schedule for the talk is as follows:

  • Introduction: 2 min
  • Plyer's Introduction: 5 min
  • Fun Time (Kivy-Remote-Shell): 10-15 min
  • Introduction to Pyjnius and Pyobjus: 5 min
  • Dive into code: 5-10 min
  • Question session. 5 min


Python basics.


  • Bring your laptop with OSX or Linux as Host (if possible).
  • Android Device.
  • Install the remote-shell-1.0-debug.apk from bin folder install apk

Content URLs:

Project url: Plyer on Github

Pyjnius url: Pyjnius on Github

Pyobjus url: Pyobjus on Github

Kivy-Remote-Shell: Remote-Shell on Github

Presentation url: Google Docs

Presentation will keep on evolving till the last week of presentation deadline.

Speaker Info:

Kuldeep Singh

He is a Google Summer of Code'16 Student under Python Software Foundation and Kivy being the sub-organisation. Project Plyer is one of the Kivy's sister projects for which he's selected to work on as GSoC project. He is a python Lover and have been coding in python for past few years. He enjoys to try different programming languages and learn new technologies.

Sanyam Khurana

He is a software developer who enjoys coding for the web. He's a FOSS enthusiast and better known by his handle (CuriousLearner) in the community. He contributes to various upstream projects and organisations such as PyDelhi, Mozpacers, Mozilla et all. He's a vouched Mozillian and has been features in Mozilla Credits.

Speaker Links:

Kuldeep Singh

Open Source Contributions: kiok46

LinkedIn: Kuldeep Singh

Sanyam Khurana

links: Website, Blogs

Open Source Contribution: Github, Mozilla

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